Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hi to alls mys friends,

Sorry to woory ya allw. NO I ams nots in jailed.

Mom is wery busy getting the house cweaned out. She is trwing to get ridis ofs alls the stuff she has managed to packy-ratis away in the 20+ yearws she has lived in this house. This weeks she gewts a BIGGY contanewr and pwans to reaslly workes harded. Ther ares 4 stories shes has to cwean. SOOO gladis Ims a puppy and do not haves to helpes. I haves tried hard to helpes and keep moving what Mom has readys to go to trashes. It is wrey funs to do this.
If it is nicey outside Mom wills puts me in the fenced in place soos I can watches.
We are going to move to Florida in July if all goes well with the clean out and furniture sale. The move wills gets me back to mys friend Cassie. I can not wait to suprises her.
Will keeps yous informes as tos whats happing whens I cans.

Woofs and Licks

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I was bad

I was a very bad puppy and was banned from the computer. I chewed the computer cord ( x2 ) and Mom had to buy another one.
Other wise I am doing good and growing.
Went to the Vet and got the last of my puppy shots, heartwormy pills and fleas/ticky meds. Am now 7 Lbs and bigger than Mom thought I would be ( not really ). She would like me to stay little, but I wants to be big.
We gos to two parks and a reservation and we walk and walk. I get very tired and go to sleep as soon as we gets home.
OH OH I learned to go up and down the porch steps. It is so much fun to run up and down them.

I will not chew computer cord again!! Hope I can keep this promise. It is very hard to be good all the time.

Woofs and Licks