Friday, May 16, 2008

Cleaning out

Well Mom has been trying to get stuffis in that container thingy, but it keeps raining. I barked real big the night after it was delivered. It was not supposed to be there and it is soo big. I likes to bark at nothing at all. This is fun, but Mom tries to quiet me at night - RIGHT!!!!

I am now becoming a big boy. Getting my big teeth and trying to pull out those milky teeth. Mom thinks I may have to have those milky teeth pulled. I do not like that idea. Lets wait and see that is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Sunday we will be going to a Bark Fest. There are all kinds of things to do , gifts to get. and lots of doggies to meet. It is in upper New Jersey at a very big farm. The Bark Fest is to help support St. Hubert's animal placy. They help lost pets and train pets also. Mom thinks I shoud stay there and get trained. I have stoped listening to her. She says I have become stubborn, whatever that is. I just know I am CUTE!

Hope ya all have a great weekend.

Woofs and Lickes