Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Again

I had a great time visiting Lady this weekend. We ran and chase each other all over her house. She got tired faster then I cause she is very old. Her humans said I tuckered her out so much she went to bed early.

I was VERY HAPPY to see my Mom when she came to pick me up. I ran and sniffed eveything to make sure no one else was in my house or yard. Glad all there was were the dumb squirrels.

Hope everyone had had a good weekend.

Woofs and Licks


Monday, June 9, 2008


It has been very hot in the Northeast and both air conditioners broke. I was panting like crazy and drinking lots of water ( 95 in the house ). The man across the street put in a very old air ( Mom had this in a closet cause she could not lift it ) and it is nice and cool. Mom says she needs to get one for upstairs, since her brother is coming to visit. I do not know what is upstairs, cause I have not ventured up there yet. The stairs are very steep and it looks scary.

It is still going to be HOT tomorrow and I do not like being in the HOT sun. I like to rest in the cool grass in the shade and eat the grass.

I will be visiting my friend Lady in Tinton Falls from Thursday 12th till Sunday 15th, cause Mom has to go to a convention for the American Legion Auxiliary. Lady is a very nice doggy, but she is getting up in age. She usually does not like little dogs, but we had lots of fun the last time we were together.

I now growl and barks at all kinds of noises and drive Mom crazy. I hears things she does not, and if something is new I bark at it too. HEHEHEHEH

Have a great week and hope all the bad weather all over the place calms down.

Woofs and Licks

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back Home


Well it was not to bad to be in hospital. They took real good care of me.

Had my wahooos taken out, seven baby teeth removed and my nails cut ( Mom does not like to cut my nails, cause they are dark ) all while I was asleep. That was great cause I did not feel a thing. Stayed over night and Mom picked me up in the afternoon.

Have to stay quiet ( yeah right ) and dry for another day. I started doing my run around the house as fast as I could routine this morning. How do you stay dry when the grass is damp from dew and you are about 3 inches from the ground? It looks like it may rain today also.

HEHEHEHE keep dry and quiet ( not in the puppy world ).

Woofs and Licks

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well I turned 6 mons yesterday and today I am in hospital for my neutering. What ever that is. Mom said it is good to have this done. I AM NOT TO SURE ABOUT THIS! They are also going to take out two of mys baby teethes cause they will not come out and I has two sets of fronts. Will tell you how all goes when I gets home tomorrow. IHOPE THIS DOES NOT HURT.

Woofs and Licks