Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Home

Well I am now offically in Florida. Got here the Monday before Thanksgiving.
My best friend Cassie has not been feeling well, but today she is chaseing me around a little. I have been teasing her by nipping at her ears and heals and she puts me in my place. I do like to pester her.
Have a great week.

Woofs and licks


Monday, November 17, 2008


Hellooo to alllssss

Soorrryyyy I haves nots been on mys bloggie. Mom has been berry busy cleaning outs the house. She has been crankies ands saying badies things, cause she is a packyrat for 22yrs. Nows we ares finallys moving this weekends and I will be backs playing with my friendes Cassie.

I will miss my 4 favorites parks in New Jersey. All those smellies. I really likes the cool weathers.

Whens I finallys gets down to Florida maybe Mom will let me put new pictures of me in my bloggie. I have gottens to bes a big boy. Do you believes I wills be ONE year old Dec. 3.

Have a good Turkey Day! Sure know I will have my shares

Woofs and Licks